ASM Sustainability

ASM Sustainability

The Sustainability Committee is one of the five open committees of the Associated Students of Madison (ASM), focusing primarily on environmental sustainability at UW-Madison. As a committee, we identify pressing environmental issues on campus and organize grassroots campaigns to promote sustainable solutions. The goal of this committee is to advocate for administrative and operational changes related to environmental stewardship, and ultimately create a more sustainable campus. We often connect with the greater Madison community to expand our efforts and advance our shared vision of sustainability. We also coordinate with other open committees, such as Legislative Affairs and Equity and Inclusion Committee, to work on environmental policy and environmental justice issues.

Committee members work together in teams on semester-long campaigns relating to environmental education, compost, water, energy, plastics, and more. Any student is welcome to join throughout the year, we are excited to hear your ideas for a more sustainable campus!

Click here to view the Sustainability Committee meeting schedule.

For more information, contact the Sustainability Chair:, or the Sustainability Campaign Coordinators:

Getting Involved!

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Join an Environmental or Sustainability Related Student Organization!

For a complete list of all environmental or sustainability related student organizations, visit this page on the Office of Sustainability’s website.

Join an Open Committee Meeting

Click here to view the Sustainability Committee Meeting schedule

Each committee meeting is open to UW–Madison students.

Apply for a Green Fund Project

The UW–Madison Green Fund supports student-initiated projects that address the environmental footprint, social impact, and operating costs of campus facilities. All students are welcome to apply.

Become an ASM Intern

Learn more about the ASM Intern Program here. Application is on the website at the bottom.



Submit Your Opinion to the Office of Sustainability

Do you have feedback for the Office of Sustainability? Want to lend your voice to what projects happen on campus? If so, visit this website to do so! The feedback provided will be collected and used to inform program and project development.

If you are unsure of which projects the Office of Sustainability is currently working on, or have any questions, please contact their Student Engagement Liaison, Maya Barwick, at

Come to the OS's "Office Office Hours"!

This event is designed to increase transparency from the OS, increase engagement from students who are interested in sustainability by sharing any and all kinds of information, as well as take feedback from students about what they would like to see done on campus in regard to sustainability. You can find more details here.

Meet Our Team

Christina Treacy

Position title: Sustainability Chair


Anna Silverman

Position title: Sustainability Co-Coordinator


Hannah Stahmann

Position title: Sustainability Co-Coordinator


Are you a part of student organization that you think could benefit from being sponsored by the Office of Sustainability? Sponsorship includes access to a wider amount of resources, increased collaborations with the Office of Sustainability, and being a priority for the Office’s Student Engagement Liaison.  If you are interested, please fill out this application.  If you have any questions, please contact the Student Engagement Liaison, Maya Barwick, at