Event Grants

The ASM Event Grant supports Registered Student Organization (RSO) events that are educational, in line with the RSO’s mission, free of charge, and open to all UW Madison students.

Applications for the 2023-2024 Academic Year will open August 14, 2023 and close on March 29, 2024.

Grant Details

RSOs who are interested must apply for the grant 42 full days (6 weeks) prior to the event start date. After applying, groups attend a GAC hearing and, if approved, a workshop with an ASM financial staff member. No grant funding can be spent prior to the workshop with an ASM financial staff member, including funds for which you intend to be reimbursed.

Details on each step in the grant process are outlined in the following tabs.

The ASM Grant Allocation Committee (GAC) is responsible for awarding grants to registered student organizations (RSOs) for travel, events, and operations. Funding for these grants comes from segregated university fees. The GAC maintains its own policies and procedures which you can view below. Once the academic year begins, these will be followed consistently for all applicants, and any revisions will not take effect until the following year.

Please review the ASM Event Grant Policies & Procedures for information on eligibility, and the application and hearing process.

If a grant is approved by the GAC, the grant contacts will need to attend a grant workshop with ASM staff. More information will be provided in the RSO award notice, following GAC hearing and approval.

Apply for the ASM Event Grant