Event Grants

The ASM Event Grant provides funds for Registered Student Organization (RSO) events that are in line with the RSO’s mission. All events funded by the ASM event grant must occur on the UW-Madison campus, be educational, and be free and open to all UW-Madison students.

The ASM event grant will be active during the academic year of 2020, but will be constricted by policies enacted by UW to combat the spread of COVID-19. More details, including the date in which the Event Grant Application will open for the year, will be posted soon


The ASM event grant will be active during the academic year of 2020, but will be constricted by policies enacted by UW to combat the spread of COVID-19. While the grant application will allow you to apply for funding for certain categories like travel, please note that UW polices may interfere with the ability for certain categories to be covered by the grant.

The ASM event grant is a grant that supports Registered Student Organization (RSO) events during the academic year (fall and spring semester). Groups who are interested must apply for the grant, attend a virtual GAC hearing, and attend a virtual workshop with an ASM staff member (if grant was approved) before they can start using the grant awarded to them.

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The GAC revamped their polices and procedures document last year to make the format more user friendly. They also made some changes to policy and procedures.

To learn about grant eligibility requirements and what this grant can fund, please review the GAC polices and procedures document: https://kb.wisc.edu/asm/104943  

The below was taken directly from the GAC polices and Procedures document, found here: https://kb.wisc.edu/asm/104943


4. Application Process

4.1 Application. The Event Grant application will be made publicly available on the Grant Allocation Committee website.

4.2 Application Deadline. RSOs must submit their applications at least 6 weeks (42 full calendar days) prior to the start date of their event. No exceptions shall be made to this deadline.

4.3 Timeline. The Event Grant application shall open and close at a date determined by the Chair, in consultation with the ASM Financial Staff, and considering both the academic calendar and the amount of funding remaining. No events shall be funded that take place after the last day of final exams in the spring semester.

4.4 Required Budget. RSOs are required to submit a complete budget for their event at the time of their grant application. The submitted budget must:

4.4.1 Clearly describe all event-related expenses, including expenses the RSO is not requesting ASM funding for.

4.4.2 Contain accurate, reasonable, and correctly added funding amounts that are within ASM funding guidelines for events.

4.4.3 Clearly explain how the requested funding will allow the RSO to meet its event needs and accomplish its goals

4.4.4 Show that the RSO is seeking funding support outside ASM – either through other grants or its own funds – but not through fundraising specifically for the event.

4.5 Required Schedule. RSOs are required to submit a complete schedule for their event at the time of their grant application. The submitted schedule must:

4.5.1 Include the date, time, and location of all parts of the event.

4.5.2 Demonstrate how the elements of the event are related to the mission of the RSO and the required educational component.

4.6 Incomplete Applications. Applications that are filled out incorrectly or that are missing any part of their application, including a complete budget and schedule, shall be considered incomplete. The Chair shall request and receive any missing information from the RSO before a grant hearing is scheduled for an incomplete application. Failure to provide any of the information in I.4.4 and I.4.5 is grounds for denial of an Event Grant application.

4.7 Application Amendments. Emergency amendments to the application must be submitted by the RSO in writing to the Chair before their grant hearing.

4.7.1 Amendments to the application during the grant hearing shall be accepted only by a majority vote of present Grant Allocation Committee members.

4.8 Assistance with Application. Any RSO may contact the Chair (or a Grant Allocation Committee member) with questions about filling out the Event Grant application.

GAC hearings will be held virtually. More details on this virtual process will be posted soon.

Other GAC hearing and decision polices are below – these were taken directly from the GAC polices and Procedures document, found here: https://kb.wisc.edu/asm/104943


5. Hearing Process

5.1 Scheduling. Hearings for complete applications will be scheduled in the order they were received, except at the discretion of the Chair. The Chair shall notify RSOs at least 72 hours before their hearing.

5.2 Hearing. Each RSO shall send its primary financial officer and another leadership member to attend a hearing before the committee to present their grant application and to reasonably answer questions of the committee.

5.3 Failure to Attend. Failure by an RSO to attend its scheduled hearing without sending prior notification to the Chair shall result in the immediate rejection of their grant application.

6. Decision Process

6.1 Viewpoint Neutrality. All decisions shall be made in a viewpoint neutral fashion.

6.2 Evaluating Applications. The committee shall check for mistakes, policy violations, and other discrepancies in the application when evaluating the application. The committee may adjust amounts within an application. When making funding decisions, the committee shall take into consideration the amount of money it has to allocate.

6.3 Approval. Approval requires a majority vote of present Grant Allocation Committee Members. Failure to obtain a majority shall be considered a rejection of the application.

6.4 Notification. The Chair (or a member of the ASM Financial Staff) shall notify the RSO of the committee’s decision within 24 hours, barring extraordinary circumstances.

6.4.1 The Chair is exclusively responsible for sending denial notices to RSOs that were not approved for funding. This denial notice should include the reason for denial.

6.5 Student Council Approval. If an Event Grant decision exceeds 2% of the Event Grant line in the ASM budget for the current academic year, the decision of the Grant Allocation Committee shall be considered a recommendation. The Chair shall bring forth legislation to the ASM Student Council regarding the committee’s recommendation. The Student Council shall consider the recommendation at its next scheduled meeting, unless a special meeting is called explicitly for that purpose. Recommendations require a two-thirds vote of Student Council for approval. If the application is approved, the motion shall not be considered again, except under rules outlined for viewpoint neutrality appeals in the ASM Bylaws. The Grant Allocation Committee Chair shall notify the RSO of Student Council’s decision within 24 hours, barring extraordinary circumstances.

6.6 Appeals. An RSO may appeal a funding decision of the committee on the grounds of a viewpoint neutrality violation or a procedural deficiency. All appeals must be filed with the Chief Justice of the Student Judiciary within 10 business days of receiving the decision from the committee.

If a grant is approved by the GAC, the grant contacts will need to attend a grant workshop with ASM staff. Grant workshops will be held virtually. The grant contacts listed on the application will need to complete a canvas module with an independent portion and a virtual meeting portion.  More details on this process will be posted soon.

The Event Grant application is not open yet for the 2020/2021 academic year