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The Associated Students of Madison (ASM) is the official student governance body of UW-Madison, representing the needs of over 45,000 students. Students involved with ASM learn to be effective, engaged citizens who advocate for causes and for themselves. Because of ASM’s strong reliance on the energy of many students, you can really make a difference for campus, city, state, and national issues! Visit the links below for further information on current involvement opportunities.

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How do I get involved with ASM?

Appointed Positions

ASM appoints students to fill vacancies on Student Council and to serve in paid positions on committees which allocate funds and space for student organizations, and hear appeals from student organizations.

Shared Governance

Wisconsin law defines shared governance as giving students direct power to jointly run the university with administrators, faculty, and staff. Committees allow students to assist in creating influential policy.

Volunteer on open committees

There are many opportunities to advocate for students on ASM's open committees. Volunteers usually attend weekly meetings, contribute to planning strategic campaigns, mobilize other students, and participate in activism activities.

Internship Program

If you’re looking to become more involved on campus, learn more about your student association, or advocate for issues with UW Administration, Madison City Council, or the WI State Legislature, you should consider applying for an internship.

Freshman interns pose at the fall 2019 retreat